Recruitment Specialist

Job Description

Recruitment Specialist

Dublin 15



Recruitment specialist is responsible for sourcing candidates, attracting, selecting, and hiring top talent for the Company.

Key Accountabilities
• Coordinate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs.
• Develop recruitment advertisements – internal & external by working closely with marketing.
• Source potential candidates through social platforms & professional networks.
• Assess candidate information & schedule interviews applying open, fair & transparent selection procedures.
• Design job descriptions for all roles.
• Develop interview questions that reflect each position requirements along with interview assessment sheets.
• Carry out all screening on potential candidates.
• Determine selection criteria.
• Assist in induction new recruits as part of the onboarding process.
• Plan & implement long-term recruitment strategies nurturing trusting relationships with potential hires.
• Create strong talent pipeline for our Company’s current & future hiring needs by developing long-term
recruitment strategies.
• Work closely with HR Manager to analyse future Company development & anticipate future employment needs.
• Identify & attend employer branding initiatives e.g. recruitment & job fairs.
• Proactively review market intelligence to gain a competitive advantage in attraction, assessment, and sourcing
• Create monthly reporting on key talent acquisition metrics & market intelligence.
• Continuous review of ways to improve talent acquisition activities.
• Administration support within the HR Department as deemed necessary.

Performance Measures
• Development of long-term recruitment strategy.
• Successful placement of key talent.
• Recruitment budgetary management.
• Attention to detail.

Critical Competencies
• Marketing analysis skillset.
• Financial awareness.
• Communication – excellent written and verbal skills.
• Continuous improvement focus.
• Cultural awareness.
• Negotiation skills (3rd party professional networks).

Experience, Knowledge & Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in human resources, recruiting, or a similar field, or the equivalent in professional experience.
• Experience of working in a similar industry – an advantage.
• Experience & familiarity with social media & professional networks.
• Proven experience as a recruitment/talent acquisition specialist.
• Experience of continuous improvement & drive.
• Complete hands-on experience with full cycle recruitment to include interview techniques and evaluation
methods where applicable.
• Excellent verbal & written communication skills.
• Strategic thinker with initiative for continuous improvement.
Challenges and Opportunities
• Communicating & building the Company culture and values
• Support the HR department

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