Diversity & Inclusion

At Reed we value diversity, and are committed to having an inclusive culture across all areas of our business, where we can all feel safe to be ourselves at work

​We’re on a journey and proud to promote inclusion & diversity among clients, candidates and co-members. It’s the Reed Group’s policy to support people who hold protected characteristics both internally and externally. While legislation guides us, our motivation for positive change comes from a much simpler place – it’s the right, human thing to do.

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Race and ethnicity

We support the Race at Work Charter objectives, which empowers racial diversity in the workplace and commits to increasing ethnic diversity in leadership through inclusive mentoring, empowering and encouraging our co-members from ethnic minorities.​

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Reed encourages allyship in the workplace, commit to deliver company-wide digital training to drive and celebrate LGBTQ+ inclusivity, whilst explaining injustices, stereotypes and discrimination faced by many within the community.

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At Reed we commit to raising awareness of differing perspectives and showcase some of Reed’s female leaders, also supported through our Women in Leadership Mentoring Programme. We support co-members in developing organic employee networks, to share knowledge, support one another and drive gender inclusion in the workplace.​

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Disability and accessibility

We put importance on providing co-members with accessibility benefits on our computer systems and delivering digital training to drive towards a disability friendly workplace. At Reed, we empower conversations around mental health across the business, reduce stereotypes and celebrate differences, supporting co-members to feel safe at work.