Administrative Officer - Legal and Industrial Relations

Job Description

Administrative Officer - Legal and Industrial Relations

Dublin 1 Office


Overview of the role
Applications are invited for a temporary (Fixed Term Contract of one year) Administrative Officer position.

Starting 14th August 2024



The Administrative Officer in the Legal and Industrial Relations Section will work with the LIR team under the management of the Assistant General Secretary and Senior Official, subject to the overall management of the General Secretary. The successful candidate will be required to exercise sound judgement, have an ability to keep abreast of changes in legal and industrial relations issues for members, demonstrate skill and diligence in the performance of his/her role, and to be flexible as required.

Key competencies:

The successful candidate, who is likely to be a graduate and/or have appropriate relevant experience, will have the following key competencies:

  • A deep understanding of the unions objectives and a strong knowledge of the broader education sector
  • Expertise and knowledge over a broad range of legal and industrial relations issues relevant to a primary teaching workforce
  • Capability to accurately explain complex material to individual members and groups of teachers in clear and concise terms
  • Strong writing skills when dealing with individual members and with wider audiences
  • A capacity to participate expertly in the handling of members’ queries and cases in the legal and industrial relations section
  • Commitment and a demonstrated capacity to work collaboratively and to support the work of colleagues
  • An appreciation of the importance of delivering the highest standards of services and supports to members
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